Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I start to learn my new car, I have been reminiscing about my history of driving.

I like to consider myself a good and safe driver, but I haven't always been able to say that about myself. My first experience with driving was on my grandparents riding lawn mower. The one and only time on it I drove it into their back steps. Not a shining moment.

My second experience was on the 4wheeler, again at my grandparents farm, which I drove into the electric fence. Amazingly I was allowed to drive it again, but stalled in out in the pasture. This is the part where I had to swallow my pride and walk the 1/2 mile back to the house and ask my grandfather to help me start it. (It was a pull start and I've always sucked at those.). This was the last time I was allowed to drive the 4wheeler.

Then I grew up, it was time to get my drivers license. It took me 3 tries. Yeah, still haven't gotten much better have I?

I finally got my license, and a car. It was a vw rabbit. I really did like that car. I even drove it right into the Falmouth High School. No damage to the school, a dented fender to the rabbit and mortification. I was mortified not only at having done it at all, but from having the music teacher, principal, and 20 students witnessing my stellar driving prowess. There are many other stories about the rabbit and maybe I'll share them another time.

From here, my driving record was pretty good, not a lot happened, I was just a VERY aggressive driver. The only other thing to point worth mentioning is that I have let my inspection sticker and registration lapse on occasion. The worst was actually with the van. T was due for a sticker LAST April. I have gotten a few tickets because of this, although strangely not over this last sticker. Go figure, lady luck was on my side this time.

When I learned I was pregnant it was like a switch was flipped. I became a VERY defensive driver. I get nervous now when people (like my soon-to-be-ex) stop close to my bumper and don't leave enough room. I am the one everyone is passing now. This doesn't mean I'm driving like my grampa, I'm not THAT slow. ;). I also drive everyone crazy when pulling out into traffic. I take forever and miss a lot of opportunities. I blame my MS for this. My depth perception is not what it used to be. Must be the MS right?

Isn't it amazing how we change as we grow up? I can see the changes in my driving alone. If this is where I'm at now, I'm terrified to think how embarrassingly slow I'll be in 20 years. How has your driving changed throughout the years?

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  1. Try driving on the left!! That's what we do down here in the virgin islands! It was said that when cars was introduced to the USVI the donkeys was train to walk on the left and cars just took their path, but in reality we just stayed on this side cause it was "left" over from when the Danish had these islands. 1917